Written by “Sai Prasanna”

Being not scared is not an easy job. If one does not fear of anything then I truly appreciate that person because I am scared of many things. I’m scared of being alone, I’m scared of finding new friends and scared of my own self. I’m scared of everything in life that’s not because of lack of self-confidence. I do have confidence, sometimes I do have over confidence and all this fear came to an end when that person entered in my life.

That person gave me courage to do what I wanted to. That person explained me how can I not be coward in the society.  That person give me mental strength.  Simply I can say that person made my life.

That person can be your father, mother, friend, soulmate, brother, uncle, aunt or anybody.

Sometimes that one person may be yourself! Everyone has that person. If they don’t they have to find them by their own. That person can change your life in a better way or worse that depends on the person who you found and when that person is you that’s the most wonderful gift you have got.

Overcome that fear cause where there is fear there is no faith.


Sai Prasanna


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