We provide psychological support and legal aid to the (1) The victims of abuse (2) The dysfunctional families. We Counsel Individuals, Couples and Families to facilitate the process of Empowerment, Trauma Recovery and Family Restructuring!

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We serve clients from all over India & also Overseas Citizens !

Assam * Delhi * Punjab * Haryana * Uttar Pradesh * West Bengal * Orissa * Maharashtra * Andhra Pradesh * Telangana * Karnataka * Tamil Nadu * Kerala


We provide counselling to help clients in

Getting empowered by building self esteem, self compassion and confidence.

Finding solutions to problems.

Dealing with emotional problems like anxiety, depression, grief, low self esteem, etc.

Dealing with Bullying / Physical Abuse / Emotional Abuse / Sexual Abuse / Rape Trauma

Fighting back injustice by learning how to establish boundaries, confront and understand own rights and taking legal action in extreme cases.

Dealing with Premarital / Breakup / Marital / Divorce / Single Parenting related issues

Resolving role conflicts, power struggle & disputes within the Family

Identification of abuse within the families and learning how to deal with it.

We run support group to provide additional emotional support for victims of any form of abuse

We are only Counselling Psychologists and we only provide Counselling to help NORMAL POPULATION in dealing with general issues. If you are Suicidal, please approach a Suicide Helpline. If you think you are suffering from Mental Health Disorder, please approach a Clinical Psychologist or Psychiatrist. If you are an Addict, please approach a Rehabilitation Psychologist.

Manastva Experts

K L Niharika

MA Psychology, (LLB)

Psychologist & Law Intern

Vamsy Krishna D

MA Psychology, (LLB)

Psychologist & Law Intern

M Kanaka Durga




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