Written by “Sukanya”

Friendship is the relationship between two or more friends.

Friendship is not just a relationship but it’s a feeling or a mutual affection.

In my view it’s a bond and bundle of feelings, affection and attachment to each other. Friend is the one who loves unconditionally after the mother. Friendship is the love which lasts till their last breath. They are most important people who changed the life or flavor the life with beautiful colors.

Friends comes in life to teach something valuable. The time spent with them are the most precious memories. Friends are those who love, care you, pleases you, fight with you.

They are the companions in every situation of the life. Friends may come and go but true one never leaves.

I came to know that friends are the ones who know your worst but appreciate your best.

In my life my friends played a very important role in making me stronger and they are mirrors.  They are the people who love you at your bad side and still becomes your strength.




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