We chase people who ignore us seeking their validation, their unwillingly given time, unwantedly spoken words, and untruly made promises,

We crave and we kill our individuality seeking their attention, wanting them to see how much we love them, wanting them to see our quest to win them, our pursuit to become one with their soul, for now and forever,

We love people who never bother to heed our needs, who never notice our efforts, who ignore our very presence, who treat us like we don’t exist at all,

We beg them to care for us, we struggle to win a place in their heart which has no room for us, just to feel loved, feel cared for, feel wanted, feel heard and feel worthy,

Its high time we love ourselves, we accept ourselves, our unmet emotional needs, unfed familial love and unnoticed silent whispers of hope that someday we will find a heart to live in, a shoulder to cry upon, and a lap to sleep in,

As every tree deserves sunlight, food and water, every human deserves love, affection, concern, care and belongingness. We need them, as much as we want them. We are, after all, loners looking for owners, free birds finding their nests, and personifications of life finding it’s abode.


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