written by “Mansi Patel”

Friendship is the hardest thing to explain friends are most beautiful persons in our life.

Relationship between friends may not be by blood, but love between them and will be unconditional from heart. There are too many people around us but everyone were not our friends.

The person who understands you, believes in you, trusts you and be with you always is the one who named as a friend.

There are many kinds of friends, some friends come to us only when they need something, some friends tries to break others friendship because of being jealous, some friends will be kind and helpful.

A real friend will never try to hurt you and always be with you in your difficult situations and even the whole world is against you, only a friend will support you. A friend can understand your sadness by your silence he/she will always find a way to help instead of finding an excuse. They will always do anything to do remove our sadness and bring a beautiful smile on our face. Friendship cannot be made by seeing whether they are rich, beautiful or handsome. Only when two people love each other from bottom of the heart, then it is known as friendship.

your friend

Mansi Patel


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