Written by “Abhiram Thaarala”

READERS MUST BE AWARE that, this is a subjective approach and author set his journey towards exploring self and becoming more objective by coming out of denial.

A note to self which I will read daily to remind myself few things.

1. Be grateful for everything you have in life. You are much more blessed than many people in the world. So be grateful for the people whom you have around, the things you have and the time you have.

2. Feel responsible about your life. You have been given this life to do something worthy. Don’t let it go in vain by doing something useless. Invest your time in spreading happiness and positivity and you yourself stay happy and positive. Don’t get too comfortable with the things you have. If you will, then you will end up having a mediocre life. You have been given this life to become the best version of yourself. So, never settle. Always keep working for the betterment. Never procrastinate.

3. Always stay happy and stay positive.

Stay balanced and zen. Calm.




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