Why is the life so difficult?

I can’t bare the pain everyday

Oh my god! My world is full of black and white..

I know nothing stays for long but, still can’t bare it…

It strikes once but stays deep in the heart…

Now I understand, understanding one’s feeling is so tough in the ocean of life…

Each incident happening in future is my remembrance of past…

Wishing my own life in my dreams is the best moment of all…

Beautiful flowers around me, may give a shield of fragrance..

But feeling lonely inside myself

Give an empty black space around me…

My heart may take me to the longest way where it needs to go..!

But my mind takes me to the way where I would never come back…

Ending my thoughts with this last line but still,

I don’t know where and when my life end’s..!

~ Elamathi P



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