While she wanted to win a collection of trophies,

She was considered fit just to taste toffees,

At times when success embraced her,

Everyone from the conjugal family disgraced her,

When she questioned them about their cowerty,

They pointed out their index finger towards poverty,

So, she left the home with all guts,

To commence the work at her transient tents.

Though initially felt criticized,

She never wanted to compromise.

There were numerous impediments all her way,

But she decided to tackle them by the way,

Seriously determined to conquer her dream, and become the queen of her realm.

In the end, there came a day, when she was the best in her field,

Always in the lead, and

Pursuing all her good deeds.

Welcomed back, it was a feather in one’s cap,

Such a breathtaking view for her family,

Realizing that she never built castles in the air.

~ Mathivadana



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