Are your children safe?

by Ganesh Damarla

When one my psychologist friends posted a pole that what is to do for the betterment of our society. I wrote that “protecting next generation “. Let’s analyze what we have been doing for the betterment of next generation. Before going into details I would like to share the basics of Electromagnetic spectrum which will be useful in the latter part of the article. We all very well know that light is a form of energy emitting form a luminescent body. Scientific theories proved that light consists of a particle called “photon” which gives the sensation of sight when incidents on optical nerve of eye. Our human eye can only sense a small portion of it, we called it the “visible region” having wavelength 400 nanometers(nm) to 800 nanometers(nm) (ignore the scientific terms if you don’t understand just remember the numbers). The primary colors are RED (800 nm), Green (532 nm), Blue (400 nm). Among all colors the colors near to blue (400 nm) has high photon energy means long term exposer of such wavelengths is harmful to human eye (generally known as ultraviolet radiation. With this introduction let us see what our current children are doing.

It is undisputed fact that all current generation children are born with extra smartness. During our childhood the time killing options were, to play/ reading comic books/ listening All India Radio (fortunately we don’t have TV). But options got changed for this generation, they got a monster called “Mobile phone” Yes my dear readers. Kindly read the following facts carefully that I come across in my life.

  1. 90% of the children are spending 2-3 hours per day in front of the mobile.

2. Not even 2% have the habit of reading books

3. In this concert jungles and apartment cultures you can hardly find playing children.

4. All most all the children are watching harmful comic programs like POKIMAN, Ben10(I will tell in the latter part why they are harmful)

Okha..! is it children’s fault to get addict to mobiles games ? answer is absolutely not… it is our fault that we are spoiling our precious kids. There was joke that “you need not to learn chines language if a you adopt a chine’s baby.  ”. Children are like a liquid; they occupy the shape you pour in. I was surprised to a see a girl reading chandamama book during a train journey because her mother was reading a novel…! children just mimic what we do. I come across some of the parent bosting that my 3 years’ kid can operate mobile much better than me as if his kid achieved something. Most of the parents offering mobile to their child to feed food, to make them busy and not to disturb from their personal office works. The harm that we are doing to them can be explained by
a) Scientifically
b) Ethically

a) Scientific Facts:

Figure 1a) Radiation emitting from Laptop, b) from a mobile phone

Fig 1a), 1b) depicts the spectrum of light emitted from Laptop, Mobile phone respectively. It is clear that both are emitting high intensity radiation (445 nm, 447 nm) whose long time exposure is harmful to human eye. Also most of children are not aware of the ideal distance from eye that they have to hold (forge about children even adults dose’s…!). Moreover, the mobile games that they play make them keenly observe the object that they are playing for (ex: The runner in Temple run). In this presses they unknowingly bring the mobile very near to eye and get exposed more amount of harmful high energy radiation. Ophthalmology studies says that you eye lens automatically adjusts to shorter focal length resulting eye sight problems. You will be surprised to know that your mobile screen contains bacteria more than your toilet (please google it…) and I am leaving to your imaginations what they do with those dirty hands.

b) Ethical facts:
PUBG, shooting games, weapons such as guns knifes, killing enemy, etc…etc… if this is being inoculated in a children mind what sort of next generation that we are delivering to the nation. I do agree with the fact that mobile games increase the brain intellect, but at the same time they are increasing the aggressiveness, attacking nature of children. Imagine a mother feeding her children with a vikram-Bhethal story which ends up with a logical question or with a Tenali Ramakrishna story which tells about the innovative thinking or a Panchatanatram (by Vishnu Sharma) story which teaches the moral of life, those thinks make a best next generation => society.

I am not asking you to keep your children completely away from child. They must aware about upcoming technology but at the same time we ought to remember that famous saying “ATHI SARVATRA VARJAYET” means that too much of anything is harmful. So i request the readers to slowly take them away from mobile and introduce to the best friends of their life i.e BOOKS… gift them a good book instead of a IPOD. Let’s hope our next generation would be a better one.


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