Cry until no more tears are left, until the heart wrenching memories won’t hurt anymore, until she can’t stab your heart anymore, until it turns stone. There is nothing shameful about cleaning your eyes.
Wail until your heart breaks into unbreakable pieces, until the unbearable heaviness pushing you down grips off of your shoulders.
Yell until your animosity finds its way out of the spine.
Scream until your soul hears your pain, until the universe heeds your agony.

Stay awake

Stay awake till your restless mind cannot brood over thoughts anymore. Until you can’t afford another thought, until you can’t keep your eyes open. Wanna know what’s worse than a nightmare?
Feel your inner world, Feel until all the anguishing feelings flush out.
Kill everything killing you from within, everything that’s sucking the life out of you.
Screw being okay, be devastated, be broke, sharpen the broken pieces.
Talk to yourself. You are the magic you were looking for
You are the blessing you were searching for.

There are things you never got to say.
Love yourself. Be yourself . Start again. Live again.


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