Everyone of us will go through a stage of life where we are not able to bear the Silent pain inside our brain. This Pain which is not visible or explainable will make people Want to remove it or simply To Quit from that pain.

Iam also one such person who wants to quit from pain. And In search of How to quit the pain comes the thoughts of suicide.

Most of the people want to attempt suicide just to quit away from the thing that is causing pain. This leads to overthink about Suicide and Different attempts for a succesfull suicide. Sometimes we even start to Google about suicides just to get a better idea of a successful suicide attempt. We even think that making a successful suicide is the success of our life too.

But here lies the thing – “EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD ARE TEMPORARY”. As there was a Saying in Telugu – “PATTUPATTARADU PATTI VIDUVARADU”. This applies even for our life. Once started there shouldn’t be any Qutting from whatever that comes in our life. Fight with whatever that comes to you and achieve Success in everything. There is no need for everyone to know that You are suffering from something that is invisible. Everyone of us will suffer,Everyone of us will ght with that invisible things.

The only thing i want to tell my readers is: Suffer as much as the life gives You pain. This is a way that life will test us. Everyone at the end will pass. There is no failure in life. So Dont Quit from the test of the life. IN THE END ALL YOUR SUFFERINGS WILL GIFT YOU THE FRUITFUL ESSENCE OF LIFE. WAIT FOR IT AND TASTE IT.

As a nal note I want to wish Best of luck for the people who are bearing and ghting with the invisible and Unexplainable pain of your life. All your patience and Courage will help you get the fruitful essence of life.


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