To all the parents, Consider this as a request. Dont force your child to tell you everything that’s going through their mind.

Child of 20 years old will actually suffer from many thoughts. They want to solve their problems on their own. While striving for solution they may feel very sick or they may feel enthusiastic and they have many more expressions. When you observe that your child is not happy around you dont think that you are the reason or DONT FORCE them to tell you what is going on through their mind. As a 20

year old, even though they are your kids and even though you feel you have every right over them and even though you want your child to be happy, still let them suffer.

By forcing them its just You start sowing a seed in them to start hating you. They know that all their problems can be solved by you just like magic. Still they tend to solve problems on their own. They want to understand the depth of the problem, they analise, they sometimes overthink for a small problem too. They like to suffer. They dont want to depend on you for everything.

They know that they can reley on you for their problems. You may not think that as a problem at all. The age between 18- 20 and after 20 Your child at this point of time wants to think about everything on their own. They dont want to ask for an immediate solution for problems by asking you. They want to struggle. They want to understand the depth of the issues. They want to understand what to take serious and what not to on their own.

Give them time. If they choose a wrong option they will learn a lesson from it. If they choose a correct option they will go for next problem. So please dont Force your child to tell everything to you. Wait until they want to express themselves to you. Sometimes they share their thoughts to their friends. Its just because they know that their friends are of their own age and even they may not know the solution. So this helps them to think about their problems and solve them. Sharing

their pain with their friends boosts up their interest to solve their problems on their own.

The only reason your child doesnot want to share their problems is that you have already crossed that stage of your life. So if they tell you You will provide them with immediate solution. This made them underestimate themselves and may lead to comications too. So please dont force your child untill unless they want to express themselves to you.


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