You are empowered within and without by knowing, feeling and accepting yourself. Do it for the sake of you.

Mental stigma is prevalent and prominent enough to address. My social and individual hemisphere was fabricated with this stigma and its connecting lies for a very long time with much pervasivity.

I remember as a literature student we were given the opportunity to analyse the bizarre associated with racism, feminism, mental health etc. I was persuaded to ponder the exhilarating responses that are inevitably part of our daily conversations with friends and family. Like racism or like any other tenant which is stigmatised we drag mental health too to the passages of our comic strips of conversation.

We blatantly and passively say…. “You are mad” as a joke. Most often what is laughable is what we denigrate. Now as I am afflicted I personally feel hurt when people passively comment on my inherent vulnerability unknowingly tinying it as a joke.

I have believed myself a liberal after studying literature. At an early stage of my life even before studying literature I have had friends who were troubled by mental illnesses and taking medications. I have supported them and accepted it as a natural complexity requiring attention.

I would comment : “Just like your body your mind can also get sick.” But later on when a stage came when I was asked to accept it as part of my own life, I felt the stigma. I tried to be okay and attempted to evade it feeling that it is the last thing a person should ask in life with regard to help. I thought how my family will be hurted by me telling them
about my necessity to consult a therapist. I felt like I have failed them with my own life.

But believe me!!. To direct your action to your helplessness is hurtful but it is one of the best decisions you can take. Now as I retract to my struggles of those days, I sense therapy as the pre-eminent thing that I have done in my life. You are empowered within and without by knowing, feeling and accepting yourself. Do it for the sake of you.


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