Yes! I’m lazy,

My laziness staved off anxiety crippling into my head,

 My laziness helped me take a pause from restless fidgeting,

My laziness plot me time to step aside for a moment and breathe life,

My laziness showed me  I was overwhelmed and I needed to settle down,

My laziness told me I don’t need to prove anything to the world to feel worthy,

My laziness gave me time to self introspect and empathize with my truest feelings,

My laziness hedged my mind from endless stream of thoughts encroaching it,

My laziness revitalized my strength when I felt I couldn’t take it anymore,

My laziness told me that it was ok to not be productive round the clock,

My laziness gave a break to the hyper active neurons in my brain,

My laziness cozily welcomed my almost always exhausted mind,

My laziness let me sail through the darkness wreathed mind,

My laziness gave me a shoulder to rest my apathetic face,

My laziness implied that something was killing me inside,

My laziness hugged me and said, “it’s ok to fuck things up”,

My laziness smiled and said ” let go of your worries”,

My laziness took part in battling my depression,

My laziness soothed my emotional exhaustion,

My laziness tamed my melancholy,

My laziness lapped my always drowsy body,

My laziness bore my limping mental health,

My laziness asked me to take care of  myself,

My laziness asked me to rest,

My laziness indicated my pain,

My laziness gave me my space,

My laziness asked me to be me,

My laziness reinstated H.O.P.E,

 My laziness cleaned my wet eyes,

My laziness consoled my emptiness,

Why should I be ashamed of it? I welcome it compassionately enough, to let it whisper into my ears to relax, sometimes for hours, sometimes for days and sometimes for weeks straight.

To all the couch potatoes, you are not lazy, you are just recharging, cozy!

The world told me I’m lazy,

I told them I’m coping. 


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