Corona Virus – Fears Vs Facts!

At present, it seems that the perception of people across the world on COVID-19 is that it is dreadly and dangerous…
Most of us are panicking about this novel virus. We tend to think and worry a lot regarding the effects of it. No wonder, because we get to see reports on deaths of infected people. We should also not forget that some of the infected people have recovered from viral infections (around 50k out of 90k and around 30k are still fighting with mild infection). If we observe, most of the deaths reported are either old (above 70) or sick (heart patients, diabetics, etc) people.

We all know that travelling abroad is the cause of the outbreak of the corona virus in most of the countries including India. As a result, few cases are detected in our country and patients are being isolated to avoid further spreading.
We are aware of the fact that this is a novel virus and currently there is no vaccine for the prevention. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it could lead to death of all those who get infected. It depends on our immunity levels. Our immune system keeps fighting with many foreign organisms every day.

We must learn and follow the preventive measures as being implied by the world health organization. In addition to following personal hygiene, we must think, eat and sleep right!
It is known that kids, old and sick people are more susceptible to the virus.
Panic is only going to make the sickness worse! Sound sleep is the key for good immunity which leads to ample production of antibodies.
In addition to this, we must boost our immunity with optimum uptake of Vitamin C and D.

And above all
Corona virus is not transmitted in the air but through respiratory droplets. Virus lives on the hands for 10 minutes. So carry an alcohol sterilizer in the pocket and make sure to clean your hands when you go around!
Virus is inactive if the temperature is above 27 degrees celsius. So drinking hot water and eating hot food helps us combat any virus in general.

Sai Divya Kanna,
Biology Researcher,
BRC, Szeged Hungary.



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