Sometimes you don’t know the place that you are standing in!

by Rosy Shresta

Mental health is something that I can’t put in words of what I faced .It was a difficult phase of life and it still is sometimes. I was alone in dark rooms trying to get out of those emotions , thoughts and pain . I was little okay going through such thoughts but lately it has showed me physically . I used to get panic attacks and regular sickness and was always insomniac. It was hard to express my pain to people , I wanted people to feel my pain so that they can understand what exactly my pain is , and later I started showing my anxiety in every other situation in my life which made much more messier which broke me more. I just want everyone to know that you just don’t need to go through with something which leads you to anxiety and depression or any mental sickness . Sometimes there is no reason , you don’t know the place that you are standing in with your thoughts and emotions . Get aware of your mental health , share with someone who can help you to get out of such sickness . Mental health is equal to sickness which is not that easy to get cured .


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