People who healed themselves alone know more about the pain because they have faced!

by Ishita

so basically , i have struggled a lot since childhood. But the original struggle began when i was diagnosed with lupus nephritis in 2013. I went through a lot , underwent chemotherapy , rigorous treatment and suffered a lot. my doctor’s said that my drugs can damage my eyes , it can also create manifestation of other diseases. i would never be able to conceive a baby , my looks will change i will put on a lot due to steroid intake.
this was really a huge for a 13year old girl to accept
i was in a strict diet , not allowed to eat almost anything. salt restrictions , water restrictions , even pulses milk vegetables were not allowed initially
i went into huge depression phase.
my friends , teachers nobody understood what i was going through.but the only thing was i had a supportive family.
i visited psychiatrist , my huge vigorous treatment caused hallucinations and my depression was increasing day by day
i didn’t talk to anyone for 2months at a stretch
i was laughed at for my looks , i grew fat with a moon face ,all my hair had fallen due to my disease . i didn’t get slightest of empathy except few people for whom i am grateful always
Society misunderstood my disease , people thought i was pretending cause it was a rare disease
after 6months of treatment , my mental health improved. since then my journey to heal myself started
i am a to be psychologist , and people might feel that being a mental health warrior how can i heal people. but i feel , people who healed themselves alone know more about the pain because they have faced. and my doctors , psychologist they always supported me to become a mental health professional because through the journey i have healed my self and can teach that to people who are suffering.

i am thankful to you mam for doing such a lovely project on your social accounts. i am so happy that I could finally speak out my struggle regarding my mental and physical health. it takes lot of courage for people to speak about their pain. thank you for making this space of Sharing our thoughts.


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