I got surprising responses when I suggested my fellow PhD scholars to go to counselling!

by Ganesh Damarla

When I asked my co scholors that what is the full form of CMD none of the person knows there is something called… Common Mental Health Disorders (CMD). Most common answer was” commad promt “.
I laughed at and gave a clue that it is pertaining to Helath. I got more surprising answers ( I can’t share here ). The life a Ph.D student is not a cake walk. One has to go through lot of ups and downs.
But the moment advice you may need counciling may I recommend someone… The response was quite surprising…

I don’t want to go mental doctor… I am fine….( Bhai…tum such me mental ho )

Alcohol is the best medicine bro…. You can also try..( Chee…🤮).

No yaar that is time taking process…. You know what… time is the best medicine for all problems….
( Partly true…. time heals. … but agar samay jadya nahi to….🤔 )

Yerragadda jaavooo ?
( Non Hyderabadi can ignore only we feel this joke ).

If this is the situation of the people aquring thiar highest degree ( phylosophy …😝 ). What about the those poor kids of +1,+2…. Whose minds Ruptureing with preassre.

According to a study by Institute of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences (IHBAS) ( Delhi me hi. .. ) 2.7% people are suffering from psychological deceges and only 1 out of 10 are getting treatment.

My sincere request / Advice to all psychologis is … please visit near by school and create awareness . about Mental health which governs the physical Health.
Psychologists are not mental doctors,…and there is nothing wrong about getting counciling.
Even Bollywood celebrities ( Our Deepika ) were suffreed with diprassion and Anxiety.
Because ” Today’s Kids are tomorrow so called Next Generation
I wish you all a pleasent and awared Mental health day.


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