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  • My story of depression!

    My story of depression!

    During covid time, the institution I’m working with was closed due to financial reasons and left me jobless for an year now. Initially, I felt sad and it continued for months and turned to be depressive episodes. What is depression? Depression is different from normal mood swings and emotions which re short lived due to […]

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  • What is Anxiety?

    What is Anxiety?

    In several instances, I faced fear and a few specific life events triggered the anxiety in me. Since childhood I faced fear when I first saw a ghost movie, that night I was not able to sleep and woke up with nightmares. At age of 11 we had to shift to our new home and […]

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  • Learning to be optimistic in Life

    Learning to be optimistic in Life

    Two ways of looking at Life In my experience, when I was 12 I met with severe accident which made me bed ridden for more than 6 months with severe injuries. Then, I can choose to be pessimist about the circumstance and hardships rather I choose to be an optimistic in that situation thinking that […]

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  • Stages of Grieving

    Stages of Grieving

    Chapter – 1 At the age of 12, I lost my grandma, grandpa, mother, and as well as a well-wisher. I was in shock each time I lost one and I don’t know how to process the trauma initially, it took several years and attempts to understand the process of grieving and living without the […]

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  • Writing Trauma, Writing Survival

    Why write about trauma and suffering? Something horrible happened in your life and it shook you. You don’t want to relive it and you certainly don’t want to ponder on its meaning. This is a natural response of evasion. But trauma specialists talk about the healing aspects of writing. First, Writing helps in processing an […]

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  • 12 traits that are linked to high / low self esteem

    High Self Esteem Low Self Esteem I have my own set of values, morals and ethics. I formed them based on my own experiences and knowledge I often listen to my family members, tries to fulfill demands and live upto standards of society I can make my own decisions. I do not need anyone’s approval […]

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