K L Niharika

K L Niharika’s Story & Profile

I suffered from congenital disease during my childhood. My family was anxious about my health and restricted my freedom. My physical illness, suffocation and anxiety about my health negatively affected my thoughts and behavior. I was impulsive and rebellious as adolescent. I suffered from anxiety, headaches and digestion issues. In search of cure for my illness, I met several people and tried many ways. Finally I figured out that only Psychology can help me. In the process of healing myself, I got transformed into a Psychologist.

MA Psychology (Amity University), M.Sc Molecular Microbiology (University of Hyderabad), PG Diploma in Forensic Science & Criminal Justice (University of Hyderabad)

Past / Present Experience:
Intern at Mind SolaceKarma Center for Counselling & WellbeingGVA Institute of PsychologySweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences

Research & Book Publications:
Book chapter “My London Diary – A Cross-Cultural Journey”, Treatise – the London Diaries