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I suffered from congenital disease during my childhood. My family was anxious about my health and restricted my freedom. My physical illness, suffocation and anxiety about my health negatively affected my thoughts and behavior. I was impulsive and rebellious as adolescent. I suffered from anxiety, headaches and digestion issues. In search of cure for my illness, I met several people and tried many ways. Finally I figured out that only Psychology can help me. In the process of healing myself, I got transformed into a Psychologist.

MA Psychology (Amity University), M.Sc Molecular Microbiology (University of Hyderabad), PG Diploma in Forensic Science & Criminal Justice (University of Hyderabad)

Past / Present Experience:
Intern at Mind SolaceKarma Center for Counselling & WellbeingGVA Institute of PsychologySweekaar Academy of Rehabilitation Sciences

Research & Book Publications:
Book chapter “My London Diary – A Cross-Cultural Journey”, Treatise – the London Diaries



I was suffering from anxiety. I contacted Psinkin and took therapy sessions with Ms K. L. Niharika. The sessions are interactive both in depth and detail. After a few sessions I have come to know what is the actual issue behind my anxiety. It is a kind of eureka moment for me. The way she took me along this journey is absolutely fantastic. She is empathetic at the same time questioning my assumptions. It is truly a rewarding experience for me. I am feeling much better now and able to see my thoughts in a different perspective. Thank you so much Niharika garu for helping me out.

Syam N

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According to psychologist KL Niharika, many factors are involved in this. “The absence of pain-provocation, and sympathy-generation events is responsible for the subdued reaction. In Disha’s case, the media has enough material to play repeatedly – mostly material related to the cruelty involved in the crime.  In the present case, the survivor is minor and there is a bar on revealing her identity. And she is not in the picture in any form. She did not even lodge the complaint. Such a scenario is not conducive to emotional outbursts. The notions about modern dress and pub might also have played a role in it,” Niharika told The Federal.

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