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About Counselling

How long does therapy last?

Each client needs 10 to 15 weekly sessions followed by 5 to 10 monthly sessions to completely address his/her issues, deal with root causes and get healed completely.

How long does each session last?

Each session lasts for around an hour.

How long it takes to see results after Counselling process starts?

Changes in your thoughts and behaviors can be seen after work on yourself for 3 to 5 weeks

What happens in first session and how can I prepare for it?

You will be asked questions about issues that you are currently facing, and faced or witnessed in past. Counsellor makes notes and identifies red flags. I.e., areas that needs to be explored and problems that needs to be addressed.

You need not prepare for the first session in advance. You can directly talk whatever you feel like talking. There are absolutely no rules about what you need to talk about. You will neither be stopped nor be judged.

What if I am not sure about whether I need Counselling or not?

You can take 1 session, discuss about your problems with Counsellor. You can also ask Counsellor to help you in figuring out whether you need Counselling or not.

What should I do if I am suicidal or impulsive or in any emergency?

Counselling can help only those who are not in emergency situation because, Counselling is a slow process and you will see results after weeks. Counsellor can help you in learning relaxation techniques that can give quick results sometimes.

However, if you are in emergency situation or suicidal or impulsive, you have to consult Psychiatrist or Suicide help line. Medication gives quick results.

What is difference between Counselling Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

Counsellor / Psychologist / Counselling Psychologist is the one who treats normal people and helps them in (1) resolving day today issues and (2) handling adverse life events. Method that Counselling Psychologist uses is Talk Therapy & his/her qualificaiton is MA / M.Sc.

Clinical Psychologist is the one who can assess, diagnose and treat people with mental disorders. Method that Clinical Psychologist uses is Talk Therapy & his/her qualification in M.Phil (RCI license)

Psychiatrist is a doctor who prescribes medication to people who are suffering with mental disorders. Psychiatrists and Clinical Psychologists often collaborate and work together to help clients suffering from disorders.

Booking Appointment

What is the fee?

Fee: Rs 1000 /-
Rs 500 /- for Students (upto PG level)
Rs 2000 /- for NRIs and Overseas Citizens
It is mandatory to pay fee in advance

Will the fee be refunded if I cancel appointment?

In case if a client changes mind, he or she can reschedule or cancel counselling appointment anytime before commencement of session by using link provided in booking confirmation mail. If client cancels session, he/she will get the complete refund. If client doesn’t leaves appointment without cancelling and doesn’t show up, he/she will not get any refund.