Breaking the infinite loop: Its the person, but not situations!

Discoveries of My Mind

Sita and Geeta: (They are imaginary characters in my story. I created these characters by merging stories and qualities of many characters including clients, relatives, friends, etc., that I have seen in my life. These characters do not represent any single individual)

Seeta and Geeta are housewives. They feel disappointed about their life. They find it difficult to interact with strangers. They repeatedly failed many times in getting job or doing any bossiness kind of work. They have many expectations on their family members and they have hope that their situation can change in case if they get proper care and support from their partner or daughter. They believe that their daughters are their extensions. Whatever they failed to do in their life, they want their daughters to achieve and succeed in those tasks. Example, they couldn’t learn swimming, so they want their daughters to excel in swimming.


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