What is learned helplessness? How to cultivate a talent for positive thinking?

Vamsy Krishna D

What is Learned helplessness?

Learned helplessness is not an innate trait, it is learned through due the course of time and experience we face in life through conditioning. it is a phenomenon observed in both humans and other animals when they have been conditioned to expect pain, suffering, or discomfort without a way to escape it.
We tend to feel, think and act as if we are helpless when we strongly believe that they are is no control over the things that happen to us.

1. Learned Helplessness and Mental Health:

  • Learned Helplessness can contribute to the feelings of anxiety, and persistence of such conditions leads to GAD and depression.

2. Learned Helplessness in Education:

  • Learned helplessness in students creates a vicious cycle of feelings of failure and depression.
  • Those who feel that they are unable to succeed are unlikely to put much effort into their schoolwork, which decreases their…

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