Cognitive behavioural therapy 101

Vamsy Krishna D

Introduction to Cognitive therapy

In previous article i.e., my story of depression, discussed about the signs and symptoms and how its feel like to be depressed. In this article I will discuss key points of cognitive therapy and its component’s part wise.

Part – 1:

  • Philosophy
  • Cognitive model of depression

What is Cognitive therapy?

  • It’s a structured approach which is used to treat various mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, phobias etc.,
  • This approach is time bound, active which is based on an underlying theory that an individual holds and describes the world around them.
  • The theories are based on underlying attitudes or assumptions developed from previous experiences.
  • This therapy approach involves identification, reality testing, correcting distorted concepts and dysfunctional beliefs.
  • Problems and situations which are considered to be impossible will re-evaluated and mastered by clients by learning and correcting the thinking.
  • This approach would correct the maladaptive thinking…

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