Fighting with Self-esteem issues?

Vamsy Krishna D

Self-esteem is your overall view of yourself – how you feel about your own worth. It includes beliefs about oneself as well as emotional states, like winning, losing, pride and shame.

The difference between animals and a human is that, we are able to add value or relate value to the things we pursue. we have the self-awareness which is the ability to form an identity and attach value to it. this differentiates us from animals. We can define who we are and choose to like it or not.

Self-esteem is very essential for psychological survival. Having low or high self-esteem can change the outset of self-worth and how we value ourselves and others.

Here is how to recognize low self-esteem:

If you are,

  1. Keeping little value on your opinions and ideas.
  2. Focusing on perceived weaknesses and faults.
  3. Giving less focus or credit to your skills and assets.
  4. Believing others…

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