“Thoughts” can shape you “thin and healthy”

Vamsy Krishna D

Do you blame self when a diet plan fails or you fail to follow it? By saying there is something wrong with Me… I’m too weak…it didn’t work for me…I cant lose weight and become healthy… So on and so forth.

What you will feel, if I say there is a completely different reason why you aren’t successful in doing so? Yes! Its our sabotaging & unhelpful thoughts responsible for our failure in doing so.

In this article, we will try to understand the most common thinking errors or mistakes we do in maintain our body healthy and fit.

Well, start viewing thoughts as an organ of our body, the organ which can influence and control

How we

  • Eat,
  • Take decision over eating
  • Decide to regard or disregard a diet plan

And How we respond to the triggers like,

  • Social
  • Emotional and
  • Mental triggers

Eating is a conscious process which…

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