The story of how Abhishek (imaginary character) overcome Depression

K L Niharika Blog

Hello readers, in this article, I will be narrating the story of my client Abhishek, a depression patient, in layman language to help you in understanding what is depression.

(This is an imaginary story based on several true stories).


Abhishek works in a software company. He faced difficulty in concentrating on work for the first time about 5 years ago. Initially, that didn’t affect his life much. But gradually, his performance levels came down. He started worrying about his performance. Worry in turn negatively affected his life and performance. Last year, before he started taking counselling, he was in a state where it was even difficult for him to move out of the bed and brush his teeth. Only one thought haunted him! “What is happening to my life? I was a topper, I was a hard worker and competent. Why my life changed? Is there any…

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