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What comes to your mind when you think of “OCD”?
Cleanliness. Isn’t it?

There is so many myths in common population about OCD. If a person repeatedly cleans and if he/she is OK with that, he/she cannot be diagnosed with OCD. In day today life, we all do activities like cleaning, arranging things in patterns, chanting religious prayers, etc. Major factor that separates OCD sufferers from normal people is their inner experience. Imagine you want to watch a movie. Your parents or friends are forcing you to play cricket. If you don’t play, your parents will give you a severe punishment. You hate cricket. But you have no other option. You have to play. In this scenario, your parents/friends are controlling you. You are lacking control over your life. You are afraid of punishment. That is how an OCD sufferer feels all the time.
A person suffering from…

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