Suicide: Causes, Risk Factors and Prevention

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Why do we need to prevent suicide? Because it is never a free choice of a person!


In contrary to general notion that suicide is most common among teenagers and adolescents, according to statistical reports, family problems and illnesses were the major causes of suicides in India. Majority of people who commit suicide are daily wage workers, housewife’s and self employed.

Root Causes:

Inability to see or assign a purpose to life
Low self esteem and feeling of worthlessness

Risk Factors

Certain perceptions contribute to suicidal tendency:

“Society has rigid structure and cannot be changed”
“It is impossible to find a solution to my problem”
“I am burden to others”

Certain Traits and Emotions are closely linked to suicidal tendency:

Risk taking
Lack of motivation / interest in anything
Sleeplessness / Disrupted sleep patterns
Irritability / frustration / anger / mood swings
Increased drug…

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