6 patterns of clients that hinder the process of counseling

K L Niharika Blog

Why some clients get benefited from counseling where as others dont ?

Why some people can get healed, where as others can’t ?

What stops a person from healing himself or herself ?

What are the patterns of clients that hinder the process of counseling?

I worked as a Counselling Psychologist for more than 2 years. I myself was/is a client who is working on self from more than 5 years. Many of my clients got better by dealing with symptoms and illnesses. But only very few clients completely got healed by getting into touch with unconscious. Knowing unconscious intentions and healing self is like plucking the roots of the problem!

My practical experiences as a client and as a Psychologist, my failures, my healing process and healing process of my clients taught me certain lessons.

I learned that the following patterns of clients hinder the process of Counselling.


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