Join Manastva Community and Stay Tuned!

Happy to announce that we have created a Manastva Community by using the most awaited ‘WhatsApp Community’ feature.

Join Manastva Community now to stay connected.

Manastva Community is a larger group that holds smaller groups such as announcements group, volunteers group and support groups together.

Manastva Announcements Group can help members in receiving updates related to articles, videos, news, etc. Anyone can join Announcements Group.

Each member’s identity is confidential, and no member from this Announcements Group can see another member’s phone number or name.

Members can also request to join support group /s whenever we publish them under Manastva Community. However, Manastva experts make decisions about whether to accept someone’s request to join a support group or not by taking several aspects into consideration.

Support Groups that we publish under Manastva Community are just like any other WhatsApp groups. Each member can see phone numbers of other members from the group. However, only selected members get added to support groups by experts. We do not allow strangers to join support groups. Support groups are only for Manastva clients.

If you have any queries, write in the comments, and we will try to respond and answer.


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