We need to unlearn EVERYTHING to learn about a person!

K L Niharika Blog

One day, my client was telling me about his birthday celebrations. Generally people feel happy during their birthday celebrations. I predicted that my client was feeling embarrassed or ashamed but not happy. I asked him if that is true. I always verify my assumptions. He said “yes”. He was shocked and surprised that I understood his emotion even though he didn’t give any clue. I explained him how I guessed. In the previous sessions, he smiled when he was talking about his childhood abuse. He also smiles while talking about how his boss humiliates himself in front of others in office. So I thought, he smiles while talking about humiliating experiences. He explains happy things without any emotion. While explaining about birthday celebrations, he was smiling. So I thought he was feeling ashamed. We later explored about why he felt ashamed during celebrations. [This is an imaginary story based on…

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