8 lessons that I have learned from managing my anxiety

K L Niharika Blog

I suffered from anxiety for more than 20 years. I used to experience frequent headaches and digestion problems. I visited many doctors and used medicines of all kinds ranging from Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Yoga to Allopathy. I used talismans (lucky stones) and amulets (chakras, lockets and sacred threads) also. None of them helped me. I appeared completely normal. I performed well in academics. So no one suspected that I was in pain.

It is difficult for us to understand what is causing the suffering

One day, while browsing the internet I found a very interesting article about headaches. “Tension causes headaches”. The article was very informative and gave a detailed narrative on how tension can cause headaches besides other reasons. It was shocking that I approached so many doctors and no one could figure out the actual cause of my headache. Today, I understand why nobody showed me the right…

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